Setting Stones

So these stones shall be...a memorial forever...

I GOT MY TATTOO! I actually wanted to get it on Mother's Day but who knew it was so backed up to get a tattoo? Took almost a month to get in somewhere and I only called the three places around me that had very high ratings. It actually wasn't bad...after a couple hours. During wasn't bad at first but then it was like torture. It felt like someone slicing your skin with a knife or something. I was like can I do half and come back for the rest? But I stuck it out and it's finished.

I had decided about two years ago that when everything was done with the adoptions I would get a tattoo to commemorate the closing of that season - getting through, coming out on the other side. An experience I will not forget but don't want to remember. Sort of like Joshua and the Israelites when crossing the Red Sea I think it was and they took up stones at the Lord's command so that they would memorialize what happened and how God brought them through that even their children would see the stones and ask about it and they would tell them the story of God's faithfulness. It would always be remembered. I believe Jacob did the same and I think so did Abraham.

I didn't know when I decided what the actual tattoo would be - I figured the metamorphosis of the butterfly. But then I thought to what has held me and that is God is always faithful and true. No matter what it looks like, I can trust Him and He's the only one that I can trust completely and without question. Even when He involves me in things that I hate, I know it's for a greater good - there is purpose behind of it. I put it in Hebrew on the inside of my right wrist so that I can always see it and remember that. I think I would like to get another on the left wrist - El Roi, the God that sees me, because He always has even when it felt like He didn't and the only time that I could recall feeling that is during this season. Like continuously getting passed up. I must say that it does lend to the feeling of why ask if it never happens. I wanted the TPR, again, to happen during the pre-trial but once again it wasn't then I was like if not then then at least by June but no. I wanted this adoption to be even a shorter time period that the second set but with TPR happening in July, actually it can happen but I actually wanted it complete by her first birthday. The second set TPR'd in September and the adoption was in December so with her tpr being in July I'm thanking God that the adoption will be complete by October and we can go into the holiday season in complete freedom.