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Reaching, nurturing and attending to the whole person and everything that encompasses.

I am Accra Morowa. My passion and vision is to light a fire under others to pursue, with purpose and intentionality (it's a word :D), the areas in their community, country - even the earth - that they were created to bring change and Heaven's answers into. The purpose of life is not to just exist. Do you know what God has placed within you and the power that backs up the true, authentic you? I desire everyone whom Vialue comes into contact with to be passionate and overflowing with fire to effect the change they were made to in the territory they were given by the One who created them...for such a time as this. There is too much going on and there is work to do. ​

Community, support, healing, deliverance, encouragement, purpose and destiny are all key focuses of Vialue. Reaching, nurturing and attending to the whole person and everything that encompasses - family, relationships, health, etc. When someone is bound mentally and/or emotionally, all of their time can be spent fighting that, surviving that. Time spent, time wasted - exactly what the enemy of our soul wants. But if our strongholds are broken, we can then focus on pursuing our destiny, our purpose, and becoming whole in Christ.

Become the person that God saw when He sent you into the earth and gave the breathe that you are still breathing. Go after it with everything within you. In seasons of brokenness, of pressure, it brings out our oil - it is not for us, but for others. What can God do via you?

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