​There is power in community connections and at Vialue, we desired to create a hub for purpose-sustaining dialogue and wisdom. The purpose of our internet radio station is the same as the central theme you will find throughout Vialue and Vialogue: community. If you have purpose-sustaining dialogue, wisdom, gifts or experience that you would like to share, we'd like you to send us a note of inquiry!


'How do I know if this applies to me?' Do you have a podcast, articles, books or have been desiring to?  Is there just purpose-sustaining dialogue and wisdom, knowledge or experience inside of you that God has been at you to release? Do you really desire to help others in their journeys and seasons of life to be the best version of themselves - be it mentally, spiritually or physically? What about in business or finance? We'd like to talk with you! We are not looking for perfect people or those that 'have it all together' but willingness to walk forward in transparency and pour out what God has placed inside of you. There are many that need it.


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